Membership Categories

There are 2 main categories of membership: Individual and Corporate. All categories receive full benefits including, in certain cases, voting privileges and the right to be nominated for leadership positions at Regional or National levels within the Society.

1. Individual Membership

Fellow (FSEA):

  • Fellowship is the highest honor that SEAN can bestow on a member.
  • Fellowship shall be by invitation, upgrade, or direct application based on merit. Fellows may use the title FSEA after their name.
  • Fellowship qualification may be awarded to members who are already MSEAs, or who fulfil the requirements for MSEA, and who have made major direct or indirect creative contribution in any fields connected with educational administration, education management, planning, consulting, public enlightenment and related fields of endeavor.
  • This highly prestigious award recognizes work-related competence, integrity and expertise at a senior professional level and facilitates public recognition of the holder’s worth.
  • The Council may invite distinguished educational administrators or other professionals to become Fellows of the Society if they have several years of relevant experience and have been noted for contributing to the progress of the community.
  • Fellowship may also be conferred on applicants or nominees who, though not directly engaged in the practice of educational administration, have contributed to the improvement of this and adjoining fields of endeavor to the overall interest of the nation over a sustained period of time.
  • In addition to the online application and in order to give the status of Fellow of SEA the desired level of professional recognition and prestige, a member aspiring for elevation to this grade would be requested to complete a form specially designed for the grade before final ratification of the award.
  • The Society will host an investiture dinner periodically to induct a new class into the Council of Fellows.

Full Professional Member (MSEA):

  • This grade recognizes work-related competence, integrity and expertise at a Bachelor’s degree level or equivalent, and above.
  • It may be awarded to members who have a high level of knowledge, as exemplified by a degree or equivalent combination of knowledge and experience in any aspect of educational delivery, educational administration, education management, statutory supervisory roles in ministry of education or research or project centers, mass communication and related fields.
  • As from the year 2021, applicants for this grade must, in addition to the experience factor, have passed or been exempted from all sections of the Society’s examination for membership. Professional members may use the title MSEA after their name.

Associate (ASEA):

  • The work of Associate Members demands, practical approach and detailed understanding of the principles of headship and leadership within educational settings or in statutory supervisory roles. By virtue of their training, education and experience, they are competent to exercise professional judgment in, and assume personal responsibility for the maintenance and management of existing administrative structures in educational supervision and governance.
  • Public officers in the ministries, projects and agencies, journalist, and other mass communication experts, trainers, school administrators and other applicants with certified knowledge in any subject / aspect of educational delivery and educational administration, with experience in the educational sector may also apply for this grade. Associates may use the title ASEA after their name.

Licentiate (LSEA):

  • This award recognizes a certified knowledge and at least one year in any aspect of educational delivery and educational administration in schools, colleges, etc. It is a transitional grade for public officers in statutory departments, agencies, journalist, and other mass communication experts, trainers and others with knowledge in any aspect of educational delivery and educational administration, together with sufficient professional experience.
  • Licentiates may use the title LSEA after their name. Licentiates and encouraged to apply for a higher grade as soon as the experience, qualification and age factors are met. Licentiates may use the title LSEA after their name.


  • A full-time student who is interested in the objectives of the Society and aspires to teaching, educational governance, administrative or leadership roles, in private or public sector may apply for this grade.

2. Institutional / Corporate Memberships

This is for organizations that support educational development and educational advancement in Nigeria. Private and public educational institutions, media houses, vocational training centers, libraries, organizations with training divisions, statutory, Ministries of Education, regulatory and supervisory bodies in education and others with interest in educational development may apply for this grade.


Newly elected members will be inducted at a quarterly Induction Ceremony during which such members are formally accepted to the Society and introduced further to the Society's mission, programs and their expected contribution to the Society's programs and benefits and privileges that will accrue as they participate. Each Induction ceremony will feature a management lecture from a prominent practitioner, group lunch and other activities. Existing members who have not had a previous induction may choose to attend and receive their membership accreditation during an Induction Program to which all members nationwide will be invited. The Induction Ceremony venue will rotate across the country as Council may decide.

Local & State Branches

A minimum of 10 corporate and financially current members are required to form a Local institutional Branch and 25 members for a State Branch subject to approval of the Governing Council.